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Popstarz boss Tommy Turntables is passionate about music and has taken his talents around the world to Mexico, San Francisco, Brazil, Italy and Paris to name a few. It’s all right for some eh?

He’s DJ’d at top red carpet parties and fashion shows and as a warm up and after-show dJ for some of the greatest bands on the planet. He currently plays indie and electro in the main room at popstarz and occasionally can be found laying down the pop in the pop room and at crazy London night Wig Out. If you nip down to 21st Century Noise at the Lexington or Casino Royale at The Bar Fly you might catch him spinning some indie anthems there as well.

Favourite Indie Room song; Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name
Favourite Pop Room song; Dolly Parton – 9 to 5
Favourite RnB Room song; Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On


El, the Italian Stallion, is a big hit in the popstarz Indie room as well as hosting her own radio show on DIY Radio, and DJing at Roadtrip Bar, Zigfrid, Barfly, Casino Royale, Dalston Superstore and Dublin Castle amongst others

If you’re lucky you might find her at some of the hottest festival dates and if you’re really lucky she might not be wearing very much.

Favourite Indie room songs; Blondie – Atomic The Smith – Panic Chicks On Speed – We Don’t Play Guitars


Laurence has been a fixture in the popstarz indie room for many years, despite his youthful looks. He DJs across Europe from Barcelona to Berlin.

He knows his Indie stuff as well as the hottest new electro bands on the block and is no stranger to the Bass Guitar himself.

Favourite Indie room songs: 

  1. Azealia Banks -212 
  2. Pulp – Babies 
  3. Metronomy – The Bay


Dennis is the undisputed Queen of the popstarz RnB room.

His sets include Motown, Rap and the latest RnB tunes as well as a good handful of surprising classics.

And if you thought that an RnB party was the last place you’d see line dancing then you haven’t seen Dennis leading the popstarz population to his own choreographed ‘popstarz shuffle’ – it’s a heart warming sight to behold.


DJ P can be found being glamorous and gorgeous in the popstarz RnB and pop room. In between popstarz sets she jets off to exotic locations like Dubai to DJ at amazing parties and to buy gold plated handbags.